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Child Development

Therapy Treatments and Diagnosis -  During session we are observing the baby's interactions with the parent and the surroundings using a structured system of stimuli together with milestone checks which help gauge the response of the child according to his biological age and developmental stage.  All developmental parameters are analysed including fine & gross motor skills, the vestibular system, the tactile (fine sensory system) and nervous system. Most parents arrive with babies that havent yet reached their milestones like rolling, crawling or walking. Baby Base treats babies with torticollis, hip dysplasia, high or low muscle tone and sensory issues.


Therapy Sessions -  Providing tools to help a baby attain optimal development using exercises that are adapted for treatment at home. Private treatments will vary with child to child, if there is a noticeable improvement the parents move to a workshop framework where parents and babies benefit from the social interactions and the advantages of group work. In cases of more complex problems, we recommend continuing the private lessons.

Workshops and Courses -  The group lessons consist of small groups of mothers and babies of the the same developmental stage. The teacher moves around the class giving individual attention to each child to improve the next micro-skill the baby is ready to learn. Toddler Ballet and Movement Therapy are held in small groups in the studio.









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