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Sleep Therapy Programs


Sleep therapy treats problems and teaches independent sleeping, implementing healthy routines and sleeping habits. The method for each child is carefully calculated taking all parameters into consideration including development, cognitive ability and parenting style. The adult programs consist of lifestyle changes, sleep hygiene and careful monitoring of sleep patterns. Following the intake treatment involves meditation and psychotherapy that alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD or daily stressors that may overwhelm normal cognitive and neurological coping mechanisms.



Most parents have tried every method and read everything before they arrive at Baby Base.  As a trained sleep professional I have years of experience dealing with children's sleep problems. The childs sleep issues are viewed not only from a health viewpoint, but with an objective eye treating any other issues such as diet, development or behaviour that may be influencing a child's sleep problems.



​One time consult

Two hour consult. Do need some help getting your baby to sleep?  This in depth consultation provides you with the skills and knowledge to promote optimal sleeping patterns during the foundation weeks following birth.. Learn how to assist self soothing and how to correct the daily schedule 

Fee: $160

Premium Sleep Program

The 14 day guidance work-plan is suitable for bedtime resistance, behavioral awakenings, weaning and broken routine. The program includes initial two hour consultation with both parents, a 14 day guidance plan where I am in contact with the family on a daily basis for the whole duration. Fee: $520

Platinum Package

This offers on going guidance with extended support until goals are met. Suitable for children with multiple issues including circadian rhythm disorder and night terrors.  The program is tailored, taking into consideration nutrition, routine, development, emotional and psychological aspects and a bonus travel package with tailored instruction to avoid regressions or jet lag.  Price includes initial consultation and a development analysis and night weaning plan. Fee: $800

Night visits or overnight PSG

Video screening or night visits are sometimes carried out in cases where a child has fractured sleep and sporadic awakenings throughout the night. Polysomnography is used to diagnose, or rule out many types of sleep disorders including REM behavior disorder, parasomnias, and sleep apnea. It is often ordered for patients with daytime fatigue or sleepiness that may be caused by interrupted sleep. Fee: $350

per hour

Adult Programs

Two hour session including an intake analysis of breathing and posture. The session then involves meditation psychotherapy and movement therapy tailored to treat symptoms like anxiety, PTSD or daily stressors. We also treat advanced/delayed sleep phase syndrome. $100 per hour


Do you need to see my child?

In most cases I try to, after initial analysis I work via the parents, guiding them on a daily basis until we have reached the goal.

Do you do night visits for extreme cases?

During the intake period, when the child needs intense treatment I am present in the beginning of the night to assist with bedtime. Video screening or actual night visits are sometimes carried out in cases where a child has fractured sleep and sporadic awakenings throughout the night.

Will I have to do controlled crying?

A. I match your parenting styles with my methods. During the initial consultation I take considerable time to assess which method of therapy should be used. My most frequently used methods DO NOT use controlled crying.









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