Child Development Specialist

& Sleep Therapist




Katharina Hoeftmann

December, 2015 Tel Aviv

I was quite skeptical of sleep training my son, he has always been a good sleeper and moreover I didn't like the idea of "training" something that has to come (and will come) natural (at least that was my opinion). Also most of the experiences that I heard from friends didn't convince me. Being a psychologist myself I felt that I knew all the tricks they have been told.

HOWEVER - Fiona really changed my mindset. Since we moved to another city our boy (19 months) had some serious sleep trouble. Would wake up all over the place and sneak his way into our bed more and more often. Now: I do believe you can't love kids enough (and there might be a tendency to "spoil" or "helicopter" him). BUT sleep is so super essential for his development that I just couldn't watch him like this any longer.

What can I say? Sleep training is mostly for the parents - as much as you might know or have an idea of what would be right, its good to have a professional telling you what to do. Correcting you and leading you through this - not always easy - process. Its good to have a voice of reason that keeps you on track.

And now thats the thing about Fiona - I love her professionalism. And the fact that she looks at this issue very scientifically (she has a great knowledge of sleep behavior, phases and its relations to nutrition etc.) Already in the first conversation with her I learned so much and very quickly we saw amazing results that I didn't believe were possible.

We highly, highly recommend her!

Sigal Abbatovi Shamir - Adult Program

August 2015, Herzilya

 I've suffered with terrible insomnia during my entire pregnancy. Many of you have supported me through it and I'm so greatful yesterday. Fiona Hauptmann the sleep consultant (and magician) was here. Last night was the FIRST night I managed to sleep well in almost 9 months!!!  I woke up 3 time (to pee) but with her techniques I went back to a sound sleep almost immedatly. I slept from 10:30pm-7am and when I woke up I started crying from happiness, I just can't believe I slept so well ☺ long may it last (until I give birth, and after). I hope I didn't jinx myself now... Only happy thoughts, amen !


Jodi Katz - Premium Program

July 2015, Ramat Gan

We just put our 8 month old son down in his crib and thanks to Fiona and the amazing work she did with us over the past two weeks, all three of us know what to expect to happen tonight - sleep, sleep and more sleep! Our son was already able to fall asleep on his own, but was waking up several times a night to feed. We knew from our doctor that with his age and weight, he didn't need to eat at night at all. Being pretty sleep deprived, we reached out to Fiona and this was one of the best decisions we've made as new parents. After thorough coaching on her part, he slept through the night (more than 12 hours!) very shortly after starting to work with her. We loved Fiona's approach to sleep consultation/training and would recommend her wholeheartedly. The only thing we regret is not meeting with her sooner!

Elana Boteach Salomon - Develop in the Nature

July 2015, Tel Aviv

I signed my daughter up for Fiona's Develop in the Nature class when she was 2+ months old. During the four week course I implemented many of the exercises and tips Fiona gave us and I really saw a difference in my daughter's development, abilities and responses. In addition, Fiona helped me change her bedtime from 23:30 to 20:00 and gave me ideas for how to structure her day so that she would take enough naps. My daughter has been sleeping much more and when she is awake, she is much happier! Thank you, Fiona!

Mara Berman - Premium Program

July 2015, Tel Aviv

Our son is almost two but he was never a good sleeper until Fiona put us on the path to sleep sanity. Previously, bedtimes required an hour or more of parental attention and nighttime wakings could bring on another hour of stress and exhaustion. Fiona helped us better understand our son's physical, mental, and emotional sensitivities and how to best cater to them. It has only been two weeks but bedtime involves far fewer tears, our son is sleeping through the night consistently, and even his eating habits have improved. We are relieved and grateful to go into each bed time with confidence, and wake up each morning refreshed. What a gift for all three of us!

Oriane Schwartzman - Premium Program

July 2015, Tel Aviv

We recently finished two weeks under Fiona's guidance to help our son develop better sleep associations and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Her care and attention throughout the process was both conforming and hugely helpful. Within the first 3 days our son was falling asleep in his crib rather than in our arms after being rocked - a huge milestone for us! Ultimately, our little guy is sleeping better both during the day and having longer stints of sleep at night which has been a blessing for this tired mama. I would highly recommend Fiona.

Mia Gotkine - Toddler Ballet

July 2015, Tel Aviv

My 2-year-old daughter loves Ballet with Baby Base. There are lots of fun activities during the class including ribbon twirling, hooping and bar balancing. Fiona has carefully thought out the class to improve fine motor skills, strength and balance. Boys and girls are free to learn at their own pace and it's wonderful to watch the children pick up more and more movements every week.

Tilli Kalisky - Occupational Therapy Session

June 2015, Tel Aviv

H Fiona! I meant to write you!

We have been diligently doing exercises with him. Specifically we have been working on rotation and reaching upwards. He has since not stopped rolling over and it has become impossible to change his diaper :D He's much more active and when he wakes up in the morning, he rolls over and sits up!

So it seems there is a dramatic improvement because of the rotation exercises.

He's almost 12 mos so we are trying to encourage him to reach and bear weight on his legs (with the crouching position).

We also do wheelbarrow and I have him climb over my legs.

It was really helpful that you came and I attribute your counsel to his dramatic improvement so am very grateful!


Thank you again

Dr Danielle Weiss - Premium Program

June 2015, Kfar Saba

We decided to contact Fiona when our daughter was 6.5 months. At this point, she was still sleeping in our bed, completely dependent on nursing to initiate and maintain sleep, and waking every hour to two hours throughout the night. Within the first few days of coaching by Fiona, our daughter was sleeping through the night - in her own crib, in her own room! But even more astonishing was how she gained the ability to self-sooth and put herself to sleep. We came to realize how this "training" is just as much for the parents as it is for the babies (or even more so!) - and just wish we started this sooner! We have our lives back. I would recommend working with Fiona to ANYONE. Not only for the incredible results, but also for the wealth of knowledge she holds, kindness, and utmost professionalism. After the first day (really for us, the only truly tough day), when I felt discouraged and unsure of my decision to sleep train, Fiona's encouragement and professionalism gave me the strength to continue - and boy are we happy we continued! We see a huge change in our daughter's temperament. She was really always a happy baby, but somehow she's even happier. Now having a structured "schedule" with proper naps allows our daughter to recharge, rest when needed, and enjoy all of her awake hours. This was truly the best decision we've made in a long time, and again I'd recommend it to anyone. Thank you Fiona!

Sarah Hefter Shpak - Premium Program

June 2015, Tel Aviv

After months of sleeping less than 5 hours/night, waking up every hour for about an hour and a half to beg our daughter to fall back asleep, breastfeeding multiple times a night, rocking our daughter to sleep every time, we can now safely say we have come leaps and bounds thanks to Fiona! She is a pleasure to work with and is extremely responsive, personable and genuine. Fiona has a vast amount of knowledge with an approach that is not condescending. When we began we did not believe nor were we even expecting to come as far as we have, but our lives are forever changed now. Thank you for teaching us Fiona so we could in-turn teach Nava.

Pat Romero - Premium Program

June 2015, Tel Aviv

Working wih Fiona was an amazing experience. She is not only a true professional but also a wonderful person. 
In only two weeks our little 11mo went from breasfeeding to sleep, to sleeping in his own bedroom and falling asleep in his bed (!!). 
It was a gentle process of teaching him the "skill" of sleeping with lots of love and support and addressing his sleeping needs properly. 
Life changed for the better - for ALL of us. Our baby now sleeps +10 hours a night and wakes up very happy and energetic.
We only wish we would have contacted her sooner :)
Would recommend this to all sleep deprived parents out there!

Tamar Yaniv Klorman - Premium Program

June 2015, Tel Aviv

Thanks to Fiona we have our sanity back!
What we thought would be a long drawn out process ended up being a few nights of creating new habits and getting our lives back. We had a very long and drawn out bedtime, night waking with a bottle every night - nights had become a nightmare. Fiona was very clear on what needed to be done and how, super communicative and supportive throughout. The woman knows what she's doing. Bedtime is now a breeze and he sleeps through the night. Absolutely positively recommended.

Marthe & itay Faingold - Premium Program

May 2015, Ramat Gan

We just finished a two weeks program with Fiona and the change in our baby's sleep pattern has been great. She used to fall asleep only with a bottle and to wake up few times a night and needed a bottle to go back to sleep. She would make herself vomit if we would put her to sleep when she didn't want ... she now sleeps every night by 8 pm and falls asleep and goes back to sleep without a bottle !
We really liked Fiona's holistic approach on how to improve our baby's sleep. She gave us advises on behavior, food, activities etc.. and it worked :-) We should definitely have done it before, it would have saved us many hours of well needed sleep !

Keshet Becker - Premium Program

May 2015, Tel Aviv

Lia's sleep started going downhill at around 4 mo. I waited for the regression to pass, but it didn't, so I decided it was time to get help. Going on tons of recommendations, I got in touch with Fiona and met with her about a month after (good things come to those who wait?). What a difference! She helped my husband and I understand Lia's sleeping habits and how to change them, which mostly required a retraining for us.  Lia now sleeps well, and we're so much more alert and happy. Highly, highly recommended!

Leeron Raveh - Sleep Consultation

April 2015, Tel Aviv

Hi Fiona. Just wanted to update you - Eden has slept through the night every day since you came partially because she sleeps more during the day and because we turned the heat off in their room.  Ariel has also turned into an angel boy and sleeps in his room with his sister. All is good at home. Happy Passover and thanks again!

Deena Meir - Short Program

March 2015, Tel Aviv

My LO was 6 months old when we decided to get council from Fiona. I was breasfeeding my daughter twice a night and was feeling exhausted during the day. It was very hard to feel this way, especially since I returned to my job. I wanted to drop one feeding during the night, I figured I could live with one feeding for atleast a few more months. Fiona gently guided us through changes we had to make in our bed time routine, and how to gently and gradually help my daughter sleep through the night. My daughter dropped both feedings after 2 weeks on the program! I was feeling so much more vital. I want to thank you, Fiona, for your guidance, it was truly helpful, and gave me the confidence I needed to help my baby sleep through the night. Thank you!

Dina & Eitan Chitayat - Premium Program

March 2015, Tel Aviv

We just completed a 2 week sleep consultation with fiona, working with our 2 year old who had many challenges work through. her patience, and understanding and genuine warmth and concern were phenomenal.
She helped us wean our son from 4 bottles a day (including 2-3 over night) to just 1 at bedtime, he moved out of the crib and into his own real bed, he no longer asks for co-sleeping with us, we've improved bedtime routine, he's eating better, and FINALLY sleeping through the night. so many things we struggled with figuring out for so long. why didn't we call her sooner?!? :)
She was responsive and provided explanations for not just his sleep, but behavior too. we've learned so much, and all of the changes are helping us with routine too - having family dinner together at the dining table every day at 6 is a joy, and we see how happy he is knowing what to expect. i would recommend fiona with 100% confidence, and will definitely call her if needed for our second kid!
Thank you FIONA! :))))

Rachel Kanz Feder - Premium Program

February 2015, Tel Aviv

We finally overcame a stubborn sleep issue with Fiona's guidance!
Our only regret is not turning to her sooner.
She is so knowledgeable and attententive - a true gift to parents struggling to get their babies and toddlers to sleep!

Deborah Kiwi - Platinum Package

February 2015, Tel Aviv

Fiona's guidance turned our nights around!

Her step by step approach to sleep issues is compassionate and clear.

A wonderful investment in our family.

Alissa & Alon Breiman - Premium Program

February 2015, Tel Aviv

We just finished 14 difficult but very rewarding days of working with Fiona.
Fiona supported us the whole way through in every way!  
Tfu tfu tfu, the results have been amazing and our daughter is now a confident, independent and relaxed sleeper!

Thank you Fiona, you're a life saver!

Cameron Peron - Premium Program

February 2015, San Fransico, USA

Hi Fiona,

Thank you very much for your help.

It was pleasure working with you and we are happy to see great results in Hudson's sleeping patterns and behavior.

We've also seen a significant improvement in the overall feeling of the house since  the training and my personal relationship which at first seemed very difficult. Thanks to the music and the speaking style that you've suggested I feel much closer to him  then before we began.

Thanks again! 

Tomi & Simone Fantini - Premium Program

February 2015, Tel Aviv

After complaining to a friend about my midnight dance routines with my seven month old baby and that now my husband is learning the moves so that we can switch off and get a few hours of sleep each, she suggested we speak to Fiona.

At first I was a bit hesitant - I really felt like my son was a special case and that only the rocking dance steps that I mastered could put him to sleep. Boy was I wrong!

Let me start with this - not only does he now fall asleep alone, he stays asleep! 

And That's not all... he used to take three bottles a night, Fiona guided us in weaning him off completely. Fiona's tailor made program encouraged not only better sleeping habits but a general balance and cohesion to our days. I defiantly see a change in my baby... and happy baby means happy mama!


Rachel Zeevy - Platinum Package

January 2015, Rishon Letzion

I highly recommend Fiona's sleep therapy program to anyone looking to improve their baby's sleep. 

My husband and I came to Fiona when we had almost resigned ourselves to the idea that it would be a few more years until anyone in our home would have a decent night's sleep. Our 7 month old baby had colic for the first 3 months and needed to be rocked and held to sleep from day one. As she became older, it became apparent that falling asleep this way was no longer helping her, instead it had become an association that was keeping her from getting the rest that she needed. It was time for a different approach!

After working with Fiona, our baby is sleeping better than ever. She falls asleep on her own and is genuinely happy to get into bed. Before she had been waking almost every hour and now she sleeps through the night, with the exception of one feed. Her naps have also improved drastically. Prior to the program, her naps had never exceeded 45 minutes and just the other day she slept for over 2 hours!

I'm really excited about all that has been accomplished with Fiona's help and guidance. Her programs are highly personalized and comprehensive, covering topics related to nutrition, daily activities and exercise to aid sleep. Most importantly, her approach is supportive, kind and understanding. 

Thank you, Fiona!

Natalie Rubinstein - Premium Program

December 2014, Ramat Aviv

After almost 10 months of rocking our son to sleep, feeding him at least once in the night, and having him wake up numerous times a night (and sometimes not go back to sleep for hours), we met with Fiona and she changed our lives. 

Fiona is extremely professional, kind, and diligent and was an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her enough. Fiona came to our house for our initial meeting and went through every detail of our days and nights with our son. She crafted a program to specifically tackle the issues we were having in order to help us wean him from the night feeds and to save us from the hours of rocking we did on a daily basis in order to put him down at night and for all of our sons naps. We followed the daily directions and feedback and Fiona's program worked a miracle. Our son (and my husband and I) now sleep at night and our son is on a great nap schedule as well. 

I can't thank my girlfriends enough for recommending Fiona to us and I highly recommend Fiona to anyone with a baby. My only regret is not starting earlier as we could have had months of sleep and better days. 

We can't wait for Fiona to do more baby classes so we can continue to see her and enjoy her extensive knowledge of child development. 

Thank you beyond words!

Danielle & Devin Smith - Premium Program

December 2014, Tel Aviv

Hi Fiona, thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate the way that your program is structured and that it makes the time and effort to craft a uniquely tailored holistic response. I was looking for the right program for our family that didn't involve hours on end of crying and this really fit the bill. You also addressed a number of issues for us outside of sleep exclusively, yet closely related, which really demonstrates your commitment and I believe has helped immensely.

Christine Kelly - Premium Program

November 2014, USA

I don't know if it's because he's sleeping, or I'm sleeping, or we are all sleeping, but Sam is one happy baby this past week. He's been so silly and giggly, less whiny and more's amazing. I used to see glimpses of this baby, but he's here to stay now. I can't thank you enough for your help. He's been going to sleep on his own since last Thursday. I stay and shush for a moment and he even seems a little agitated by that, so I just leave now. He tosses and turns all over the place, but finds a comfy spot and wakes up the next morning, for the most part. He's also found a lovey, which is great, and he likes sleeping on top of it (it's an old beanie baby I used to have on my desk.) I'm simply amazed.


Big ole oversea hugs,


Stephanie Seccombe - Premium Program

October/November 2014, USA

Before we started with Fiona, my 1 year old was waking 3-5 times a night. She was nursing multiple times and would sometimes stay awake 1.5-2 hours. She now goes to sleep on her own when I lay her down drowsy but awake, and sleeps 11-12 hours a night with very infrequent wake ups. We are so grateful for all Fiona's guidance and support throughout the program. She has excellent ideas and we will continue to utilize all her suggestions.

Yael Margolis - Short Program

October 2014 - Tel Aviv

Thank God for Fiona! My first son was a terrible sleeper, and my second son seemed to be even worse. So after 3 years of total sleep deprivation I called on Fiona (which I wish I'd done sooner!) and she has literally saved me from insanity. All her advice and feedback was spot on. Both boys, on the whole, now sleep till at least 6am (a novelty for us . I highly recommend Fiona and her baby classes are great too!

Melinda & Udi Lipkin - Premium Program

September 2014, Givatayim

Until about two weeks ago, my 11-month-old daughter was a terrible sleeper. Following a brief illness when she was younger, we had become at first enthusiastic but later very reluctant co-sleepers. She wouldn't sleep more than a few hours tops in her crib, and so I had to lie down with her or keep nursing her back to sleep for another 30 mins or hour at best. Her naps were completely unpredictable, and (once she outgrew her swing) I either had to co-nap with her or push her around in the stroller for an hour or two, several times a day. All attempts to “put her on a schedule” failed, because I never knew when she’d fall asleep and for how long. At the same time, we were having a hard time getting her to eat solids, because she just wasn't interested. At all.

Before turning to Fiona, I’d of course read all about the most popular methods (No Cry Sleep Solution, Ferber, pick up/put down, that E-A-S-Y method that Israelis seem to go on and on about, etc) and tried most with the exception of extinction CIO. Some of them worked more than the others, but none offered a proper solution. 

It got to the point where I was obsessed with her sleep (or lack thereof) and also completely dependent on it. I work part-time from home, but working has become nearly impossible. I was also terrified of eventually having to send her to gan, where she would surely just screech in a corner and refuse to nap with the other toddlers. 

In just two weeks, with Fiona’s expertise, professionalism, and what can only be magic, she’s become this baby that sleeps 10-hour stretches at night, who naps in her crib, and who actually WANTS to go to sleep and WANTS me to put her in the crib! 
At the same time, she’s been eating like a champ, and with Fiona’s help we have worked out a great schedule that works for us. 
Fiona was there for us and ready to answer all our questions every single day of the process. I can’t stop gushing about her to our friends and I can’t recommend her enough!

Amanda Jami - Develop in the Nature Workshop

June 2014, Tel Aviv

We loved Fiona's classes so much, she is creative and caring, knowledgeable and warm and the kids just love her! We learned so much and had fun doing it. Great for the babies and of course great for the parents too. We particularly enjoyed the Develop in Nature class, the kids respond so well to being outdoors and lots of fun, stimulating play outdoors. Can't recommend enough!








Joey & Eran Amichai - Platinum Package

Sept 2014 Tel Aviv

Fiona changed my life! Before we brought her in, my baby woke up every hour or so in the night and needed to be vigorously rocked to sleep.

Now she sleeps through the night, waking only to eat and falls to sleep on her own. I would recommend Fiona to anyone with sleeping issues. I cannot say enough good things about her and the experience. She made the whole sleep training process as pain free as possible for everyone involved.

Jessica Avraham - Premium Program

Aug 2014 Tel Aviv

I would like to share my experience working with Fiona.  My 10 month old son has been struggling with sleep in the recent months. His naps during the day would be about 45 minutes long and a few times a day.   Also at night, it would take my husband and I about an hour to get him to sleep by bouncing him on the physio ball. He would generally fall asleep about 9pm but would wake up a couple of times prior to midnight (and we would have to put him back to sleep by bouncing him on the ball again).

Throughout the night he would also wake up about every 2 hours and I had to breastfeed him back to sleep.My husband and I felt that we needed help pretty desperately, especially because our older son (3.5 yo) was also not easy when it came to the bedtime routine, although he did sleep through the night. I reached out to Fiona and we set up a meeting. During the meeting she asked a lot of questions to get to know us and our baby and explain the process. She is extremely professional and gentle.

After we met Fiona, she prepared a very detailed plan, which not only included how to help my 10 month old to fall asleep and stay asleep, but it also completely transformed the family's bedtime routine.  She provided us with constant help and support and she gave us valuable tips along the way.It has been a few week since I first reached out to Fiona and by now, my 10 month old son is falling asleep very easily (no bouncing on the ball) and he is waking up only once in the night to nurse, which is something we are slowly changing as well. Also, his naps have consolidated and he is presently napping twice a day for a least an hour and a half each! My older son is also having a much easier time falling asleep and as a result the entire family is much happier.If you struggle with a sleepless baby, I highly recommend reaching out to
Fiona. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and she will surely help you. 

Rivi Liban - Short Program 0-3 Months

August 2014 Tel Aviv

Thank you so much for the meeting and the much needed PDF. (What was I thinking, not writing everything down??)
Erez is a changed little man. He sleeps and eats better and is more calm when awake and so am I :) This morning he slept 2 hours and then ate 180 cc!!! Now he is sleeping even though it's time to feed.
Thank you again!! Rivi

Emanuela & Johnathan Mitelman - Platinum Package

August 2014 Tel Aviv

Some months ago we started to hear about this concept "Ioetezet Shena" at the beginning we were a bit sceptic but after more than 7 months of almost no sleep (breast-feed every 3 hours for 1 hour) we received good recommendations from friends about Fiona and we decided to ask for her help. After 30 days plan I must say that our Nights (and days) changed significantly!!We sleep all the night and more important Adam (our baby) sleeps alone and he learned how to go to bed alone.I highly recommend starting this program when your baby is around 6 months and am sure that this will be the best investment you will do!!!Just one small tip... You and your husband (specially) need to be very strong and follow-up all the instructions even if sometimes it does not what you were used to.We look forward to keep in touch with Fiona for the next paternity challenges!!! 

Shira Jacobson - Short Plan

May 2014 Pardes Hanna

Fiona really helped us. Within a few days of consultation we were able to gently help our son learn to fall asleep on his own, and stay asleep through the night. Our once chronic nap resister now walks into his bedroom when he is ready for his midday sleep and lies down waiting for me to join him in the room. The boy who once nursed for hours to fall asleep now nurses for 5 minutes and then rolls off, ready for bed. All of this was done through gentle understanding and communication between us and our son. We are forever grateful to Fiona for teaching us these tools and for supporting us through the process. 

Raquel Hirth Franko - Premium Program

June 2014 Ramat Aviv

My two year old child all of a sudden decided that he wanted to rebel and didn't want to go to sleep on his own anymore. I found myself every night with him from a half hour to and hour until he fell asleep, and he only wanted me. I thought I was doomed until two moms from my gan told me that I must contact Fiona and that she is amazing. I did immediately and my life changed. She constructed a plan that was fit for my son. It is not a one size fits all. She insists on meeting your child for an hour and observes him and then she prepares a two week sleeping plan for him. After each night, I emailed her or called her and told her about what happened. She explained to me what I have to change and praised what I did well and then I corrected my behavior according to her advice. I found that my son quickly adapted to his new sleeping patterns and I was thrilled. Fiona is kind and honest. She truly wants you and your child to succeed. We are just waiting for her to open up her own Gan so our kids can go there. 

Elise Ohayon - Occupational Therapy Program

June 2014 Tel Aviv

I would like to share our wonderful experience that we have had with Fiona since September 2013 until present. I first reached out to Fiona seeking help for my four year old son with fine/gross motor skills and spatial reasoning skills. Fiona has played an instrumental role Sivan's fine/gross motor gains this year. Fiona thinks out of the box. She pours her heart into her work. It is evident, by the varied, detailed and very well thought out sessions. Sivan very quickly trusted Fiona and looks forward to his sessions. Fiona is a warm, and caring therapist. Before opening her private practice, Fiona worked for many years (I think 10-15) with one of the health care providers. This has been very helpful as Fiona has been able to help any questions that I have had over the months. She is often available to talk over the phone and responds to my emails right away. Fiona is also a very talented movement therapist and uses this medium to help Sivan communicate any emotional difficulties that he has been having this year. Although, we have received free services through our kupa, we will continue with Fiona next year as well. She is worth it. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. 

Galit & Aharon - Short Program + Study

2014 Carmiel

After 2 bad experiences with these bookshelf methods involving a chair and extinction we were ready to give up. Our issues were not a bad routine but extreme physical tension. After consulting with Fiona we took the 4 day program including 1 overnight study, by the fifth day we went from 4 awakenings to sleeping through and thanks to her amazing development knowledge he learnt how to crawl and all stiffness had subsided

Meghana Reddy - Platinum Package

May 2014 Athens, Greece

If u r a sleep deprived mom who has trolled the internet, read all the different books on sleep training(gentle and otherwise) and r still unsure of what u can do differently to break the pattern of sleepless nights for the entire family,I say u have finally hit the spot!!..this will be the best money u have ever spent as Fiona gives u so much more than your money's worth..her eye is on the well being of your baby,your family and not the bank. And u feels this honesty and receives genuine support throughout the process and further down this road. She is a fountain of scientific information, clear and thorough. But wrapped in a calm, kind and non-judgmental package..:)..she has offered her years of accumulated wisdom generously and has never belittled any of my queries or doubts, always explaining how things work in the sleep territory, so I get it right and my son benefits from this understanding...Fiona tailors programs individually to the needs and character of the family and doesn’t just chuck a generic email at u (which happened to me before by another 'sleep therapist')..My son is 17 months old and has finally experienced what it is like to sleep 8-9 unbroken hours regularly at night and nap at least 1 hour at a stretch in the day. Not yet there say? Well, this beats 8-10 night awakenings every single night since he was 7 months old. Endless breastfeeding at all hours of the 24 hours. Naps of max duration 30 mins only (unless I stayed in the room to soothe him back to sleep, which I did all this past year)...and he is sleeping in his own room, in his own cot...oh!!He is eating solids much better too...not to mention I finally have a semblance of my life back. All this in just a month of working with Fiona...I am still tired, we r still working hard towards even better hours. But it helps me to know that Fiona has my back...I could not recommend her enough and I do hope that this review will help all those sleep deprived moms out there to take this step forward...good luck and enjoy your baby!! 

Kim Schrier - Baby Development Workshops

May 2014 Tel Aviv

An invaluable place to be with your baby. Noa taught me how to make my babies days far more fun and on top of that how to increase her development potential. Always able to answer my hundreds of questions from car seats to baths and always taking into consideration both myself and my little Emma. Noa and Fiona go above and beyond in the call of duty in caring for our most precious loved ones. It's like having a second family to help. 

Emma Datny - Baby Development Workshops

2014 Tel Aviv

BabyBase classes are so wonderful. Fiona and Noa are fantastic and have really given great tips and fun activities for my 6 month son over the past few months we've been doing classes there. My husband also really enjoyed the daddy-baby class. I love seeing my son light up when we get to Babybase each week and he gets to "play" with Noa and the other babies. I really think his development is a huge part in favor of the classes. Noa and Fiona are both are fabulous, warm, caring and very informative people. It's a great place to seek expert knowledge and a fun activity to do with your babies. 

Naomi Rozenfeld - Short Program Child

March 2014 Herzilya

 We came to see Fiona after months and months of desperation because of our 7 year old was not sleeping throughout the night. I filled in a detailed evaluation and we met her for one-on-one session. Fiona tailored a sleep program for our son, and we implemented everything she told us. Amazingly it worked! All I can say is she's a total lifesaver :) She restored balance, harmony and SLEEP into our lives. Thank you Fiona for your support and guidance. 

Rochelle Bitton - Premium Program

March 2014 Petach Tikva

I know I got super lucky with my first child. She was a breeze. At 7 weeks old she slept through the night. With my second I had my work cut out for me. My son had really bad colic and was a troubled sleeper. It was extremely hard on me physically and emotionally. After 10 months of sleepless night I knew the pattern couldn't continue.  I had heard many wonderful things about Fiona. I knew her as the famous Fiona. And now I can say firsthand that she is super talented at what she does. She changes people’s lives by working her magic. Fiona taught us techniques to help relax my son, changed his poor eating habits and changed his schedule which got him sleeping through the night after 4 days!!! She was patient and helpful whenever I needed her. Thank you for all your help. 

Shannon Rosenstein - Platinum Package

March 2014 Tel Aviv

Fiona helped us get Asher (our 8 mo old) on a daytime and nighttime sleeping routine. He went from waking up almost every hour at night and not taking any naps in his crib, to taking two solid naps a day and is now sleeping through the night! She helped us through a difficult time in our lives that required me to abruptly stop nursing and wean him to a bottle in the middle of sleep training. So she also helped us with nutrition and feeding schedules and emotional support as well. I am so grateful to her for all of her support and how she went above and beyond all of our expectations. Fiona's sleep training method is so gentle and effective. I highly recommend it to all parents to get their babies on a sleep routine that will make everyone in the family happy! 

Yael Ben-Dov - Weaning and Short plan

March 30 2014, Panama

Fiona I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family we can all finally sleep through the night and both my daughters are diaper free my friends here in panama are amazed at how my children eat healthy and we all get together once a week and follow your program with our children you are amazing and changed my life and perception about so many things thanks again for everything! 

Jessica Padan - Short Plan Toddler

Feb 2014, Carcur

Thank you so much. What a difference tonight was with this advice! 
Hope you have a great weekend

Judith & Aron - Platinum Package

Feb 2014, Tel Aviv

Hi Fiona How are you? We are fine , G is now 9 months old and is adorable. Crawls everywhere and does "ciao" with her hand and is very curious about everything she sees. Sleep is going well (I am almost afraid to say that you know?) Shew is an independent sleep, her naps are consistent (2 naps total of 3 hours) and with the help of her bunny she can fall asleep in the bed or stroller. Are nights are much more quiet too. Since last week she started sleeping through the night. She wakes up around 2 makes some noise but falls back to sleep. She now sleep 7:30 until 6:00 which feel like a miracle! 

Andrea Millan - Premium Program

January 2014 Moshav Brugeta

Fiona was, is, and will be one of the best investments I've ever done! She has always helped me a lot with my LO and has the ability to make me feel confident! I extremely recommend her! We love her! 

Julia Noa Thanheiser - Premium Program

November 2013 Tel Aviv

 I don't even know where to begin praising Fiona and her services. She changed our lives for the better.. In only two weeks my daughter falls asleep on her own and sleeps through. My biggest hesitance was that I simply won't let my child cry. And I did not really believe you can "sleep train" without crying involved. But that's what it was. The reason for that is - I believe - that Fiona first gets to know the family and the living situation as well as the issues the family wishes to resolve. Based on that knowledge a sleep plan is established. The plan is readjusted daily based on the child's response and progress.Throughout the process Fiona has been kind, extremely professional, responsive and reassuring. Fiona did much more than one could expect, she is walking that extra mile for her clients. I highly recommend her services based on extensive knowledge and her kind soul. 

Shelly Amir - Combined Programs

November 2013 Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv

I first met Fiona in 2010 when she came to the pediatric ward at Ichilov, she was there to help with a patients sleep issues whilst admitted for testing. After seeing what an impact she had she soon became a regular adviser for us nurses, I too worked with her shortly after. As a member of the British Sleep Society and a board certified sleep therapist her knowledge is outstanding. She was so thorough with her monitoring. So I'd like to thank her once again. She's saint, never turns me down for any child related, development, sleep issue (and there were tons)

Rachel Fleishman Manni - Baby Development Worshops

2013-2014 Tel Aviv

The first 3 months of motherhood were difficult for me, as they are for any mom. It was difficult to leave the house, but having signed up for Fiona's classes forced us out of the house - and made a difficult (yet happy) time, that much easier and more enjoyable. Not only did I make new mom friends who I know will continue to be my friend's and my baby's friends far in the future, but I also gained wealth of knowledge regarding baby development, sleep, and overall wellness. I also found Fiona to be so much more than just an instructor of a mommy and baby class, but she also became a friend. As my child has continued to grow and develop, I have been able to turn to Fiona for any professional help and advice, tapping in to her vast knowledge of babies and I know I will continue to be able to do so as my baby gets older. Without a doubt, I will be going back to Fiona's classes! I whole-heartedly recommend Baby Base! Tel Aviv 2013

Abby & Gary Benton - Premium Program

April 2014 Tel Aviv

My 1 year old is now sleeping through the night thanks to Fiona! In just 2 weeks my son went from feeding twice in the night to sleeping through. Fiona was there every step of the way, and really helped us keep on track throughout the process! Thank you! :)"

Jael Staszewski Schulz - Private Class

January 2014 Ramat Aviv

My Daughter just didn't want to crawl. She was 13 month and it looked like she would jump that phase. 1 hour with Fiona... 3 days of her homework and my daughter was crawling! Thanks again Fiona....u r amazing!!!! 

Varda Lailah-Kairy - Baby Development Workshops

2013-2014 Tel Aviv

We took several of Fiona's classes at Baby Base and loved them all! The classes are supportive, fun, informative and really helpful for babies of all ages. I find it especially important for new mothers who are quite vulnerable in the beginning. Fiona also came for a private consultation and helped us deal with our baby's sleep issues - her advice and wisdom on the subject was a lifesaver. She is patient, gentle and available to give guidance and support whenever needed. Needless to say, I highly recommend her baby classes as well as her private consultations!  

Tamara Porat - Short Program

October 2013 Sydney Australia

I used Fiona's sleep therapy program via Skype consultations and ongoing help. It was amazing, even with the time difference between Australia and Israel we were able to turn things around so quickly and Naomi was in her own room and sleeping well. Thanks for your support Fiona! 

Anna Darby - Short Program

May 2013 Givatayim

Fiona is a miracle worker. She guided us through teaching our little girl, then 5 months old, how to nap - and consequently how to sleep better at night! Her techniques, based on our baby's individual personality and our way of parenting, combined with her wide knowledge and a calm and supportive manner, helped us reach our goal - a content, well rested baby and very happy parents! Fiona goes above and beyond and has always been available for further advice and encouragement...we highly recommend her. 

Naomi Rabbie - Short Program

March 2013 Givatayim

Fiona is a sleep genius - after an extensive evaluation, she creates a tailored sleep program based on the individual needs of your child. It's so much more than just "sleep training" and is clearly based on both years of experience and an astounding amount of scientific knowledge about how our babies sleep and what can affect their sleep cycles. She makes herself available throughout the process to answer any and all questions or concerns that may arise and makes adjustments as necessary. She's supportive, kind, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. 

Angelique Harber - Short Program

March 9 2013 Tel Aviv

First of all I have to say that the sleep program works really well and the changes have improved out lives so much! Generally we put him to bed and leave the room after a few mins. Most of the time Tuvja sleeps through the night except for odd occasions when he will call out after a bad dream. Thank you , you have helped us so much  

Gabby Stein - Premium Program

October 2013 Moshav Brugeta

Fiona's approach to sleep "training" is like none other. Her methods are based on an extensive and unique knowledge of a very scientific knowledge of sleep in young babies. Her field of knowledge is quite extraordinary. For example, if my baby woke at 4am, she could tell me the exact reason why it was 4am and not 3am and if he woke because he was hungry or over-tired or cold or hot etc or his particular body clock was off because of various reasons (from drops in melatonin to other subtle configurations). The nuances and subtlities of this approach is truly exceptional as not only does she act as a calming and consistent mentor, but her methadology is so thorough and researched that no stone is left unturned. I have read many books about sleep and sleep training and heard many people speak, but Fiona's approach very unique and the most convincing so far. I highly, highly recommend her. 

Tal Hirshbien Spector - Baby Development Workshops

October 2013 Netanya

Fiona and her classes are amazing. The classes at Baby Base are fun and informative, and provided a perfect space for a new mom, like me. Fiona was always willing to answer any and all questions. My maternity leave wouldn't have been the same without Baby Base. 

Samantha Kretzmar - Short Program

May 2013 Givatayim

I have consulted twice with Fiona in the past 1.5 years of being a mom, and have had two very positive experiences. Her expertise and knowledge has helped me hugely and given me confidence in the way I deal with the challenges of sleep. I highly recommend Fiona! 

Vera Wisterova - Workshops and Sleep Program

January 2014 Slovakia

Fiona understands children like nobody I've ever met before. She is the REAL BABY WHISPERER!! Her ability to tune in children's needs is truly unique, and I can only recommend her classes and sleep consultations that helped my sensitive child in every single way possible. We've tried many different courses for babies and toddlers in Tel Aviv, and Fiona is the WINNER here!! 

Tanya Korchia-Harel - Workshops and Sleep Therapy

September 2013 Tel Aviv

I used most of Fiona's offering :-) I participated in 5 of the Child development workshops, including Develop in Nature, since my son was 3 months old. My daughter, 3, joined in on the Develop in Nature and loved it! I highly recommend the workshops held by both Fiona or Noa. Fiona helped in sleep training my son as well (I just was not consequent with her advice) but things I did follow through with worked! In addition, I recently offered a gift voucher for a workshop with Fiona to a friend and they loved it! Keep up the good job!!! 

Tal Gottesman - Short Program

January 2013 London, UK

Fiona changed our lives - we were sleep deprived zombies who hadn't slept longer than three hours at a stretch for five months and settling the baby to sleep was taking us hours each day and night. After meeting with Fiona and following her tailored plan we began to quickly see improvements that I could only have dreamt about (literally!). Her constant and ongoing support and advice was exactly what I needed to implement the necessary changes and I would recommend this service to everyone. 

Sarah Avigad - Platinum Package

2013, Sharai Tikva

We participated in one of the development series and later worked with Fiona while we sleep trained my son and could not be more thankful for having done both! Fiona was amazing, patient, and full of suggestions to help ease us through so many developmental transitions and sleep training especially was a huge success. I recommend her without hesitation. Her programs more than pay for themselves 

Alethea Bielik - Platinum Program

May 2013 USA

 I found Fiona's classes and personal counseling just in time for my colicky little guy. She helped me understand his needs and develop confidence in my ability to meet them. She has a special way of connecting with babies and their moms, and I will be forever grateful for her guidance in my son's life! 

Mascha Feldman - Platinum program

2013 Switzerland

So after 2.5 years of sleepless nights with my sons yarden and Daniel i really didn't know how to function in a normal way anymore. getting up between 6 - 10 times a night just suck out all the energy that was left in my body. i searched for several solutions to those night wakings of my 2 year old and tried to get my small one to a routine. and Fiona was my solution. even far away from Israel (since i live in Switzerland) she helped me get into a routine with my newborn and tried to figure out what was wrong with my 2 year old. she was dedicated, always had an ear for my problems (even if it had nothing to do with sleeping issues). she is professional and reliable. I have been to other institutions in switzerland to check out what was going on with my son who woke up screaming 5,6,7 time s a night. not one was as helpful and sweet as Fiona. thank you so much for everything that you have done for me! i am now a well rested happy person thanks to you.

Rachelle Stern Levi - Short Program

June 2013 Raanana

Hi Fiona, Hope you are still enjoying your London trip. What a great summer there huh? Bit of rain and sun...wouldn't mind some rain out here at the moment. Just giving what I hope to be our last update. We have really turned things around in the last few weeks and hope things will keep on getting better. Bedtime: Still going well. Night Wakings: WOOHOOO....we have had a week full nights sleep!!! I still hear her wake a couple of times but she self soothes and I don't go to her. Had one blip last Tuesday  but has been great since. Mornings: We try to push it as long as possible but by 5.45am she really is wide awake. Naps: Afternoon naps are great, usually 1.5-2 hours and she goes down easily in her cot. Thanks again for everything 


Aviva Telias - Short Program

Jan 31 2013 Ramat Gan

First night of uniteruuped sleep in 1 year and 2 weeks !!!!!!!Thanks Fiona and the champ Eitancito 

Eva Tuunanen Anker - Platinum Package

December 2012 London, UK

We had a sleeping problem with our Son Amos 22 months, we had been co-sleeping until then and we were trying to move him into his own room because he was still breast feeding during the night that kept us all up we wanted to move him to his own room. After the initial consultation Amos was already in his own room and sleeping through the night this was a great achievement because he was more independent and we had our own bed back. Fiona helped us build a great routine and gave us encouraging and worthy feedback according to the previous day’s routine. We are delighted that Fiona helped us with the new regime. Thank you sincerely yours Evan, Oren & Amos 

Danna Plotkin - New Baby Care

July 2012 Tel Baruch

Elad was born premature so obviously I was more hesitant about the classes BUT Fiona was exceptional, she guides you at your pace and looks at each child as an individual . I was a pleasure and wonderful experience  

Rachel Tsrouya - Phone Consultation

2012 Tel Aviv

 Thank you Fiona Ben Dror for your help and such a fantastic phone call. You are AMAZING and have so much knowledge. I cant find the words to tell you how much you have helped

Stas Yaganov - New Baby Care

Jan 2012 Tel Aviv

Dearest Fiona, you were so great when I as feeling all the "new parents" frustrations and inadequacies. You are a tremendous Emotional support to families who need caring advice and you provided me with great guidance. Thank you for being so aware of our needs and Sol Hakatana. You made sure that you did all that you could to make this transition easier for all of is. I was extremely impressed by your knowledge and  resources! you a truly wonderful support system for a new family. Thank you Leeanne & Stas. 

Message from Grandmother: Tova Rosen - very reliable and professional practitioner, from a very satisfied grandmother 

Evelyn & Zachi - Premium Program

December 20 2011 New York USA

Dearest Fiona, I wanted to send a special thank you together with this small gift to show our appreciation. It has been three weeks and we have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly Chloe has changed her bad habits once we implemented your routine We were all armed any ready tonight wean but as soon as we began she started sleeping though. I have to say the best part of this was your ongoing advice which went a lot deeper than just development and sleep and it has changed the way we eat, sleep and play! Thank you so much for your encouragement and not making her cry it out 

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