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The Center for Child Development,  and Sleep Therapy

At Baby Base we believe no two children are alike. Every treatment plan is viewed holistically, not only from a medical standpoint, but with an objective eye addressing other issues such as diet, development, and behaviour.


Fiona Hauptman

Child Development Specialist
& Sleep Therapist

An associate member of the British sleep society, the Israeli representative for the IACSC International Association of Child Sleep consultants and a member of the American Association of Sleep Medicine. 

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Treatment Sessions
in Private or in a Group


Sleep Therapy

Sleep therapy treats problems and teaches independent sleeping, implementing healthy routines and sleeping habits.

Child Development

Providing tools to help a baby attain optimal development using exercises that are adapted for treatment at home.

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Parents Recommend

Katharina H.

Already in the first conversation with her I learned so much and very quickly we saw amazing results that I didn't believe were possible.

We highly, highly recommend her!

Gabby S.

Fiona's approach to sleep "training" is like none other. Her methods are based on an extensive and unique knowledge of a very scientific knowledge of sleep in young babies

Deborah K.

Fiona's guidance turned our

nights around!

Her step by step approach to sleep issues is compassionate and clear.

A wonderful investment in our family.


 Baby Development in Motion

Session 3 - RIE Toddlers

Session 3 - RIE Toddlers

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