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Sleep Therapy, Assessments & Treatment Sessions

At Baby Base we provide  evaluations, assessments and ongoing programmes in Occupational and Physical Therapy both in the center and at home/school environment. We offer specialised support for teachers  to determine appropriate various classroom therapeutic recommendations and or modifications for the school age child.We provide families with sensory diets, toy selection, seating, lighting, and parent education to overcome daily challenges. We help to bolster their child's development.

We treat a wide variety of diagnoses including orthopaedic, neurologic, rheumatic, developmental, and congenital disorders. Therapists are specialised in the treatment and management of infants, children, and adolescents. Therapy addresses specific impairments and functional limitations including strength, flexibility, proprioception, balance and coordination, as well as conditioning and endurance. The following are some of the skills addressed:

Sleep therapy treats problems and teaches independent sleeping, implementing healthy routines and sleeping habits for ages. The method  is carefully calculated taking all parameters into consideration including development, cognitive ability and parenting style. The adult programs consist of lifestyle changes, sleep hygiene and careful monitoring of sleep patterns. 

OT & PT Evaluations

Evaluations are carried by paediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists In addition to being predominately a center-based facility, we also provide home and school based consultations, assessments, and treatment to private, public and charter schools

2 hours 

​One Time Sleep Consult

An in-depth, 90 minute consult with a detailed summary. The consult is also applicable to babies under 6 months of age providing you with the skills and knowledge to promote optimal sleeping patterns during the foundation weeks following birth and highly effective for getting back on track for an older child after a regression. Learn how to assist self soothing and how to correct the daily schedule 

90 mins

Premium Sleep Program

The 14 day guidance work-plan is suitable for bedtime resistance, behavioral awakenings, weaning and broken routine. The program includes initial two hour consultation with parents, a 14 day guidance plan where I am in contact with the family on a daily basis via email for the whole duration. 

14 Days

Platinum Package

This offers on going guidance with extended support until goals are met. Suitable for children with multiple issues including circadian rhythm disorder and night terrors.  The program is tailored, taking into consideration nutrition, routine, development, emotional and psychological aspects and a bonus travel package with tailored instruction to avoid regressions or jet lag.  Price includes initial consultation and a development analysis and night weaning plan. 

Adult Sleep Sessions

Two hour session including an intake analysis of breathing and posture. The session then involves meditation psychotherapy and movement therapy tailored to treat symptoms like anxiety, PTSD or daily stressors. We also treat advanced/delayed sleep phase syndrome.

90 mins

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